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Municipal Clerk


 Oil /Calcium Dust Control Program on Roads
 In Front of Residential Sites

Dust Control applications will be accepted from April 18 to May 18, 2017 (deadline) as per County Policy PW 10, Dust Control with Oil and County Policy PW 12, Dust Control with Calcium.

If you have any questions please call the Superintendent of Public Works at the Public Works Office at (780) 632-3715 or (780) 632-9330.

Applications are available at the following:
County of Minburn No. 27
Administration Office
4909 – 50 Street
Vegreville, Alberta
T9C 1R6


Range Road 95 between Township Roads 514 and 520 has been closed due to wet/washout conditions.

Due to the road condition, Range Road 151 between 514 and 520 is closed.  Local traffic allowed only.

Range Road 81 south of Secondary Highway 619 to Township Road 482 in Division 1 is closed due to the wet road conditions.

Range Road 102 between Township Roads 504 and 510 is closed due to wet conditions.

Range Road 150 south of Township Road 514 is closed.  This is a dead end road.

Range Road 83 between Township Roads 522 and 524 is closed due to wet conditions.

Township Road 534  east of Secondary 857  to Range Road 145 is closed due to a washed out.

Range Road 113 between Township Road 524 and Secondary Highway 631 in is closed due to wet conditions.

Township Road 522 between Range Road 153 and the Holden Road (Range Road 152) is closed due to wet conditions.

Township Road 534 east of Secondary Highway 857 to Range Road 145 has now been opened.

Township Road 504 between Range Road 133 and 135  has been closed April 19, 2017 due to wet conditions.


On December 19, 2016, weather permitting, a 4 way stop conversion will be installed. The work will include the following:

  • Four new oversize stop signs with new solar red flashing lights on top of all stop signs.
  • Stop ahead, “NEW CONTROL” starburst signs, rumble strips and stop bar pavement markings for the new stop directions on Highway 857.