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"Buy a Lot for a Loonie" Program

The County will sell a lot for $1 if a dwelling is constructed within a certain time frame. The process:

  • Developer/Purchaser provides a proposal to the County as to the type and size of dwelling he or she wishes to construct and the timeframe for construction;
  • If the Development Authority is satisfied with the proposal, the developer must sign an agreement with the County containing the following conditions:
    • $1,000 per lot deposit;
    • the developer is responsible for servicing the lot (water, sewer, road, etc.) if no services exist;
    • the developer has 90 days from the signing of the agreement to apply for a development permit;
    • construction on the dwelling must commence to a level acceptable to the County within 1 year of the development permit being issued and construction must be completed within a reasonable time frame acceptable to the County;
    • if these timelines are not met, the land is returned to the County’s name and the County keeps the deposit;
    • the County will place on title a caveat protecting its right to retransfer of the land;
    • if construction is started but a final and approved building inspection is not provided within 365 days of development permit issue, the County will be entitled to keep the deposit.

Dwellings must be constructed in accordance with the County’s Land Use Bylaw, Alberta Building Code, and applicable Safety Codes.

Lots will be sold on a first come, first served basis.

Visit the Property Listings page for a list of properties available for purchase.