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Community Halls

Division 2:

Lake Alice Community League

Situated on 2 acres, NW 11-49-11-W4M
Vacant building.
Woodville Community Association

Situated on 4 acres, SE 31-49-11-W4M (Rural Address: 49510 Rge Rd 115)

Built in 1940.  1,064 sq ft.

Division 3:

Braes Community Centre

Situated on 1 acre, NE 17-51-9-W4M (Rural Address: 51218 Rge Rd 94)

Built in 1912. 1,592 sq. ft., one room.

Operated as a school 1912-1944.

Active community centre with annual events/fundraisers.

Bruno Community Centre

Situated on 4 acres, SW 11-52-10-W4M (Rural Address: 10132 Twp Rd 521) north of Minburn

Built in 1940.  1,800 sq. ft.  New metal roof added approx. 2017.
Chailey Community Association
Also known as Chailey Community Hall

Provincial Historical Designation August 8, 2000
Municipal Historical Designation August 20, 2012

Situated on 3 acres, NE 19-52-9-W4M (Rural Address: 52332 Rge Rd 95)

Located adjacent to the St. Alban's Anglican Church.

A one room wooden school built in 1910 on land purchased from Canadian Pacific Railway.

School room instruction for grades one to eight.

In 1922 building was expanded to its present size.

Closed in 1953. Students bussed to Mannville.

Historical significance as one of the oldest standing rural schools in the province that provided education to 1953.

Active with community events/fundraisers.

Division 4:

Old Lampburg Community Centre/School

Situated on 3.31 acres, Pt. NE 9-52-12-W4M

Built in 1921.  858 sq. ft.  One level with foundation.
Fairwood Community Centre

Situated on 1.38 acres, NE 34-53-14-W4M (Rural Address: 14205 Twp Rd 540) east of Warwick

Built in 1905.

Named after Robert Fairbairn and William Woods.

Mr. Mike Petruk was the last teacher when the school closed in 1954 and the students were bussed to Vegreville.

Ruthenian Greek Catholic Parish (New Kiew) Hall

Situated on 10 acres, NW 22-53-13-W4M (Rural Address: 53319 Rge Rd 133)

Same location as church.

Original hall was built in 1929. Existing new hall built in 1961, 4,050 sq. ft.

Active with community events/fundraising.

Ruthenian Greek Catholic Parish of St. Nicholas (Buchach)

Situated on 4 acres, SW 35-52-11-W4M (Rural Address: 52515 Hwy 870) north of Innisfree

Built in 1950. 4,160 sq. ft.

Located across from Catholic Parish of St. Nykolaya (Buchach) church.
Taras Shevchenko Ukrainian Education Society

Situated on 1.01 acres, SE 12-52-11-W4M (Rural Address 52116 Rge Rd 110) north of Innisfree

Built in 1923. 1200 sq ft.

In honour of the famous Ukrainian poet and artist Taras Schevchenko.

Division 5: 

Lavoy Hall (Lavoy Action Society)

Situated on 0.43 acres, SW 4-52-13-W4M, 4923 – 51 Avenue, Lavoy, Alberta

Built in 1926 with an addition in 1963. 

5,942 sq. ft. in size.

Lavoy Action Society manages and maintains the community hall and premises, and the adjoining playground.

An active community hall with annual events/fundraisers.

Ranfurly Hall/School/Museum
(Ranfurly Agriculture Association)

Situated on 5.87 acres, PT. NE 15-51-12-W4M, 5119 – 49 Street, Ranfurly, Alberta

Previously a school. The school closed in 1983 and was converted to a community centre and museum.

Built in 1940. 11,176 sq. ft.

Active community hall with annual events/fundraisers.

Division 6: 

Old Vegreville Society (School/Community Centre)

Situated on 1.54 acres, SW 35-51-15-W4M (Rural Address: 51515 A Rge Rd 152)

Built in 1938. 864 sq. ft.

School closed in 1954. Students bussed to Vegreville.

July 20, 2019 over 100 people gathered to celebrate 125th anniversary of settlement of Old Vegreville.

Active community centre today.

Old graveyard on site was restored and re-registered.

Imperial Community Association (School/Hall)

Situated on 1.81 acres, SW 3-51-14-W4M (Rural Address: 51001 Rge Rd 143)

1,064 sq. ft. in size.

Served the students in the area from 1916-1955.

Imperial School District No. 893 was incorporated into the County of Minburn No. 27 on September 15, 1964.

Active community centre with annual events such as corn roasts.

Division 7: 

Brush Hill Community Society (School) 

Situated on 0.75 acres, SE 15-53-14-W4M

Built in 1928. 1,092 sq. ft.

First teacher was Miss Russel in 1928. Last teacher was William Barber who taught from 1943-1952.

The school was closed in 1952. Attendance at the time was 17 students. Children were bussed to Vegreville.

In 1954 the school was bought by the community to be used as a community centre.
Park Grove Community Centre (School)

Situated on 1.5 acres, PT. SE 14-53-15-W4M (Rural Address: 15116 Twp Rd 532) north of Vegreville

Original school built in 1905. Improvements and enlargement of school in 1930.

922 sq. ft. in size.

Teacher history for 1907-1951.

Sich Community Centre (School)

Situated on 2 acres, NE 32-53-15-W4M (Rural Address: 53530 Rge Rd 154)

Two room school built in 1929. 1,064 sq. ft.

The Sich Community Centre Association incorporated April 25, 2017.

Active community centre with events/fundraisers.

Warwick Hall (T. Shevchanko Community Association)

Situated on 1 acre, PT. SE 06-54-14-W4M (Rural Address: 20, 14514B Twp Rd 540)

Built in 1935. 3,000 sq. ft.

Founded in May of 1936 as the T. Shevchenko Community Association of Warwick in honour of the famous Ukrainian poet and artist Taras Shevchenko.

Heritage restoration project April 2013.

80th Anniversary celebration in August 2017.

Active community centre.