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Click on the tabs to see Frequently Asked Questions for each department.

What waste is accepted at the Waste Transfer Stations?

Please visit our waste transfer station page.

When will my road be snowplowed?

Bus routes will be cleared first. Please visit our snow removal page for details.

My neighbor has drained water onto my land, causing flooding and/or damage. What can be done?

To drain any amount of surface water, a permit is required from Alberta Environment and Parks. The County of Minburn has no jurisdiction on these matters. If you suspect illegal drainage has occurred, please phone the AEP Hotline at 1-800-222-6514.

The County's culvert is blocked, will the County come remedy this? 

Yes.  Please phone the County office to let us know the location of the culvert or use the County app and follow the Report a Problem function contained within.

There are beaver dams on my land, can the County remove them? 

The County does not remove beaver dams on private land unless they are threatening county infrastructure.  Property owners should take of these issues on their own.

I feel the County's culvert is too high/located in the wrong place?

The County will inspect these types of concerns as resources allow, however, we usually find that culvert concerns occur during times of exceptional melt and rainfall, and the County is not in a position to reconfigure its drainage system to account for temporary excessive runoff or unseasonable variation to weather.  Please phone the County office to register complaints.

My neighbor is draining water onto my land, what can the County do?

The County has no jurisdiction to inspect or enforce drainage matters on private land.  We encourage landowners to contact their neighbors to work out a solution, and if that is not feasible, then to make a complaint to Alberta Environment by phoning 1-800-222-6514.

My neighbor farms the road allowance, why is this allowed?

The County does not forbid producers from farming undeveloped road allowances in the County.  But there is an expectation that neighboring landowners will cooperate and share this public right-of-way.  If a conflict arises, we encourage neighbors to work together.  If this does not work, the County may decide to return the road allowance to grass and not allow any further use of it.

Can I remove brush/trees from County road allowances?

No, the County does not permit brush or trees to be cleared from public road allowances for agricultural purposes.

I want the County to build me an approach.

As per Policy OP 9022-01-A, the County will provide one approach per quarter section, provided the quarter section is located on a high-grade gravel road.  The County does not build second approaches into quarter sections.

I want to build an approach into my land. 

Please fill out the Approach Request Application Form and submit via mail or email to the County.  The County will then inspect the area to ensure it is a safe location for an approach and issue an approach approval as required.  The County will then inspect the area to ensure it is a safe location for an approach and issue an approval as required.  The County will provide, free of charge, a culvert to landowners wishing to construct an approach.

I want the County to widen an existing approach. 

The County will widen an existing approach, providing the requesting landowner provide the necessary clay.  Landowners are also responsible for the costs of any culvert extensions.  An Approach Widening Application Form is required to be submitted to the County office.

I want to widen an existing approach.

Please fill out the Approach Request Application Form and submit via mail or email to the County.  The County will then inspect to ensure the feasibility of the request.  The County will also provide the necessary culvert or culvert extensions.

 I don’t agree with my property taxes, who can I speak to?

The first step is to contact the County’s assessor, Municipal Assessment Services Group, at 780-939-3310. If you are still not satisfied, you may appeal your property assessment as per the Municipal Government Act. Find the appeal form here

Please note that tax rates set by Council are not eligible for appeal. Only the property assessments are. 

When are property tax notices sent out?

Notices are sent out in June.

When are taxes due?

Taxes are due on or before October 31 each year. A 12% penalty will be applied to all current amounts outstanding on November 1. An additional 5% penalty is applied to all arrears outstanding on February 1.

Does the County offer a monthly payment plan for taxes?

Yes, we offer a Tax Installment Payment Plan (TIPP) for monthly tax payments. The application may be downloaded here

What forms of payment does the County accept?

We accept online banking (EFT), bank credit, debit card, credit card through Option Pay, cheque, and cash payments.

How do I change my name on a property title? 

Land Title changes cannot be made in our office. You will need to contact an Alberta Land Titles office to make this change. You can contact Land Titles Office at 310-000 then dial 780-427-2742 to speak to an Examiner.

I hit a snowdrift with my car and it is damaged. 

My car got a flat tire driving on County gravel roads.

I drove into an unmarked washout/flooded area on a County road.

The County has a vast road network that is predominately rural roads, and while we do make every effort to inspect and maintain our road system, we do not accept liability for any incidents that can occur during weather events or in adverse seasonal conditions, such as spring break-up.

Where can I get new/replacement rural address sign?

Contact the Planning & Development Officer to order the new/replacement sign. Once the sign has been ordered, Operations staff will install it when weather and time permit. The fee for the sign is $50 plus GST. Click here for details on the Rural Addressing Program.

Do I need a fire permit?

Fire permits are required all year round and can be applied for online or at the County Administration building.

How much does a fire permit cost?

Fire permits are free!

Do I need a fire permit for a burning barrel?


What am I allowed to burn?

Brush and fallen trees, wood or wood products not containing preservatives, straw, stubble, grass, weeds, leaves, and tree prunings.

What am I not allowed to burn?

Animal manure, pathological waste, wood or wood products containing preservatives, rubber or tires, plastics (including baler twine), oil, and containers that held pesticides or chemicals.

When do I need a development permit?

A development permit may be required for a number of different things; whether you want to build a new house, change the use of an existing building, or construct a shop, etc. Any building 240 sq. ft. or larger (150 sq. ft. or larger within any residential, recreational, or commercial land use district), whether or skids or not, requires development permit approval. 

Not all developments require a development permit, although other permits under the Alberta Safety Codes Act or other legislation may be required. For a list of exemptions, refer to Section 2.4 of the County's Land Use Bylaw.

The Bylaw divides the County into several Land Use Districts (commonly called Zones or Zoning) and each of these Districts have land uses and development regulations specific to them. Contact the County to determine what District you are in and whether your proposed development is PERMITTED or DISCRETIONARY.

PERMITTED: Development that is deemed by Council, to be appropriate for that particular District

DISCRETIONARY: Development that is up to the discretion of the Development Authority.

Is a development permit the same as a building permit?

No, a development permit approves what type of development is allowed on a particular property, and concerns itself with zoning, setback, and height regulations of the County’s Land Use Bylaw. A building permit allows the construction of structures contingent on meeting the requirements of the Alberta Building Code. In simple terms, the development permit deals with the ‘what’ and ‘where’ a development may proceed, and the building permit deals with ‘how’ it is built.

When do I need a building permit?

A building permit is needed for the construction of a building, the renovation or addition to a building, and for any change in the type of occupancy of the building.

A building permit is required (including but not limited) to:

  • Construct a foundation to support a building or structure
  • Erect a new building or structure, including retaining walls over 0.9m (3 ft.) in height and swimming pools/hot tubs
  • Demolish, relocate, alter or make additions to an existing building or structure
  • Install or modify heating ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC)
  • Installations for all commercial, industrial, institutional and new dwelling installations
  • Construct an uncovered deck more than 0.6m (2 ft.) above grade

A building permit is not required for:

  • General maintenance, repairs or upgrades, at the discretion of a Building Safety Codes Officer, that do not create a hazard
  • Painting, decorating, non-structural renovations
  • Parking pads not supporting a garage or carport
  • Retaining walls less than 0.9m (3 ft.) in height
  • Accessory buildings not greater than 10 m² (107.5 sq. ft.)
  • Uncovered decks or patios not exceeding 0.6m (2 ft.) from ground level

What are the benefits of getting a building permit?

  • You have access to the expertise of certified safety codes officers (inspectors), who will help you comply with the National Building Code - Alberta Edition.
  • Your plans will be reviewed by a certified safety codes officer to identify potential problems. This will allow you to make changes in the plans stage rather than having to make costly corrections after construction.
  • Inspections will be carried out by certified safety codes officers, who will provide you with inspection reports and follow-up with you on any outstanding deficiencies related to the National Building Code - Alberta Edition.

How long does it take to get a development permit?

Pursuant to the Municipal Government Act a development permit must be issued within 40 days of receipt of a completed application unless the applicant enters into an agreement of extension. The Development Authority must also provide, within twenty (20) days, in writing to the applicant, whether the application is complete, or requires additional information.

If the application is refused, a new permit can be applied for after twelve (12) months.

When can I start construction on my development?

You may begin your development 22 days after a development permit has been issued by the County. There is a 21-day appeal period after the issuance of the development permit and therefore your permit only becomes effective 22 days after the date the permit is issued.

How long is a development permit valid for?

The proposed development must be started within twelve (12) months of the date of the development permit, and after commencement if in the opinion of the Development Authority the development is not carried out within a reasonable diligence the permit expires. An extension may be granted (upon required fee). 

What other permits/approvals do I need?

Depending on the type of development you are proposing, several other types of permits/approvals, including but not limited to, may be required (subject to applicable fees):

  • Safety Codes Permits – the Landowner is responsible to comply with the provincial Safety Codes Act by obtaining the applicable Safety Codes Permits (building, electrical, plumbing, gas and private sewage disposal). For more information, contact the Inspections Group Inc. at 1-866-554-5048
  • Alberta Transportation - a permit will be required from Alberta Transportation for any development that is proposed within 300 metres (984 feet) of a highway or within 800 metres (2625 feet) of an intersection of a highway with another public road. Apply online.
  • Alberta Culture & Tourism – if developing on a designated Historic Resource Value area

There may be many other aspects that impact your proposed development. It is our role to advise you of these matters. If you are planning to apply for a development permit in the County it will be helpful to review the County of Minburn Land Use Bylaw and contact our office for more information.

Do I need a permit to build a fence?

The construction or maintenance of gates, fences, walls, or other means of enclosure do not require a development permit providing the structure is within the following height limitations:


  • Front Yard: Less than 1.0 m (3.28 ft.)
  • Side and Rear Yards: Less than 2.0 m (6.6 ft.)

All other land use districts:

  • Less than 2.0 m (6.6 ft.) in height and do not obstruct the sight lines at any approach to a public road or public road intersections as stipulated in Section 3.12 of the Land Use Bylaw.

Fences proposed outside of these limits will require a development permit application.

Do I need a permit to build a deck?

An uncovered deck in the A: Agricultural and AR: Acreage Residential land use districts do not require a development permit, provided that the yard setbacks are maintained. Uncovered decks outside of these limits will required a development permit application. 

If you are proposing a roof on your deck, this will be considered a residential addition and shall require both a development permit and building permit.

A building permit is required for the construction of any structure greater than 2.0 ft. from ground level.

Do I need a permit for a sign?

Almost all signs in the County of Minburn require a development permit. Signs located near a provincial highway also require an application through Alberta Transportation which you can apply online. You can also find further information on Sign Provisions in Part 7 of the Land Use Bylaw.

Do I need a permit for a wood stove or fireplace?

Yes, you will be required to apply for a building permit.

Do I need a permit for a grain dryer?

Yes, you will be required to apply for a gas permit.

I want to start a business, do I need a business license?

Business licenses are not required in the County of Minburn. However, if your business will be utilizing a building or changing the use on your parcel, a development permit (and possibly building permit) will be required.

Feel free to submit your business on our Business Directory listing.

How much does a development permit cost?

Fees associated with Development Permits, Subdivisions, Planning, and Safety Codes are available in the County’s Master Rates Bylaw.

How do I start?

You can download the development permit application and applicable documents on the Planning and Development page. However, it is strongly recommended that you schedule a pre-application meeting with the Director of Planning and Development to ensure you have completely filled out all the necessary forms and have provided all the required information.

Development permit application requirements:

  • completed development permit application signed by all current landowner(s)
  • building plans (floor and elevation plans)
  • site plan showing any or all of the following as determined by the Development Authority:
    • north point
    • legal description
    • location of principal building and other structures including accessory buildings and structures, garages, carports, fences, driveways, paved areas, and major landscaped areas including buffering and screening areas where provided
    • outlines of the roof overhangs on all buildings in residential and commercial land use districts
    • front, side, and rear yard setbacks to all buildings
    • the provision of off-street loading and vehicle parking
    • access points to and from the lot
    • water wells/cisterns servicing the property
    • on-site private sewage disposal systems and discharge location
    • location of any abandoned, suspended, or active oil and/or gas wells
  • application fee
  • be accompanied by a conceptual scheme or area structure plan, if applicable
  • any other items as determined by the Development Authority

What is a CFO?

A confined feeding operation (CFO) means fenced or enclosed land or buildings where livestock are confined for the purpose of growing, sustaining, finishing, or breeding by means other than grazing and any other building or structure directly related to that purpose.

How many livestock can I have before it is considered a CFO?

Schedule 2 of the Agricultural Operation Practices Act (AOPA) sets out the threshold levels by type of livestock for approvals and registrations. For assistance interpreting Schedule 2, please contact an NRCB office.

Where can I find more information about Confined Feeding Operations?

The Natural Resources Conservation Board (NRCB) is responsible for reviews of proposed major natural resource projects, and for the regulation of confined feeding operations in Alberta. Access all public CFO fact sheets, guidelines, and policy documents here.  

I want to grow industrial hemp.  Where do I start?

Please visit the Canadian Hemp Trade Alliance (CHTC) website to learn everything you need to know about growing industrial hemp:

Canadian Rockies Hemp (CRH) are now contracting growers in the area.  Get in touch with CRH to contract hemp acres for high quality feedstock to the Bruderheim Plant:

There are beaver dams on my land, can the County remove them?

The County does not remove beaver dams on private land unless they are threatening County infrastructure.  Property owners should take care of these issues on their own.

Can I remove brush/trees from County road allowances?

No, the County does not permit brush or trees to be cleared from public road allowances for agricultural purposes.

Do I need a permit to excavate a dugout?

No, a municipal permit is not required to excavate a dugout. However, the dugout must be setback a minimum of 35m from any adjacent public road where 5m road widening hasn't been provided, or a minimum of 30m from any adjacent public road where 5m road widening has been provided. The dugout must comply with Part 3.7 of the County of Minburn Land Use Bylaw. 

A Provincial Water Act approval and/or license may be required - see details here:

Check out the Subdivision page to see a list of FAQs regarding subdivision of land in the County of Minburn.