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NW 8-52-14-4 Development Area

The NW 8-52-14-4 development area is located at the intersection of Highways 16 and 857, southeast and adjacent to the Town of Vegreville. A conceptual scheme has been approved by County Council and provides for the direction of future development on this land. 

The first phase of this development includes a Heavy Equipment Sales and Services business (Tingley's Harvest Center). Subsequent phases of development would see uses generally aligned with those in the RC: Rural Commercial District of the County's Land Use Bylaw. 

Uses generally considered acceptable in this location that would be supported by Administration include: 

  • Accessory Buildings
  • Accessory Structure
  • Commercial greenhouses/plant nursery
  • Commercial storage
  • Container
  • Contractor service, minor
  • Convenience retail store
  • Drive through business
  • Food and beverage establishment, minor
  • Food and beverage products facility
  • Funeral home/chapel
  • Heavy equipment sales and service
  • Manufactured/modular dwelling sales and service
  • Public park
  • Public use
  • Public utility
  • Public utility building
  • Repair service establishment
  • Small animal grooming
  • Second hand store or establishment

Uses that may be considered on a case-by-case basis, and dependent on the specific details of an individual development proposal include:

  • Agricultural service facility
  • Auctioneering establishment
  • Bus depot
  • Commercial school
  • Contractor service, major
  • Equipment fabrication
  • Funeral home/chapel/crematory
  • Indoor recreation establishment
  • Outdoor storage
  • Quasi-public use
  • Recreation vehicle storage
  • Retail gasoline and petroleum products sales
  • Surveillance suite
  • Wind energy conversion system (WECS), on-site

Uses not listed may be considered on a case-by-case basis, depending on the specific details of an individual development proposal, and in consideration of the suitability of the intended use of the site and surrounding area.

The details of this location can be found in the Conceptual Scheme – NW 8-52-14-4

Please contact Director of Planning and Development, Davin Gegolick, to discuss development opportunities at this location.